When your facility is damaged you must choose between restoring that facility and moving into a different site. Develop a checklist now that will help you get back into your facility quickly, and that will help you recognize when trying to return to your old location is not feasible.

Consider the Condition of Your:

  • Your Building—Is damage cosmetic or structural? How long will it take for repairs to be made? Talk to your insurance agent as soon as possible and find out how long it may be before your claim is paid. Add that time to the amount of time it will be before repairs can be made. If you rent, get a timeline from the building’s owner.

  • Transportation Routes—Were transportation routes impacted? If so, when will they be restored?

  • Utilities—What utilities were damaged and when will they be restored?

  • Surrounding Structures—If buildings around yours are likely to remain vacant for a long time, will it negatively impact your business?

  • Neighborhood—If your business relies on customers from a specific area, how badly was the area affected?

Another factor when deciding whether to wait to get back into your building or relocating is the impact the disaster has had on demand for your product or service. If the event has caused an increased demand, you will want to get back into business as quickly as possible. Once that demand is met following the event, it may reduce demand for that product or service for a period of time afterward.