Gather the results of your business impact analysis (BIA) from Do 1 Thing month one (Risk Assessment).

  • Determine your top BIA risks and impacts that come with them.

  • Determine how each impact affects the essential business functions you identified above.

  • Determine what steps can be taken to minimize your risk. For example, your business depends on infrastructure (utilities, communications, internet access, transportation, logistics, etc.), how would losing those system affect your ability to continue your essential functions? What can you do to prevent it?

For Example:

  • Impact—Long-term power outage (more than 48 hours).

  • Effect on Business—Critical systems that rely on electricity are down (sales, manufacturing, etc.). Support systems may be affected as well (heating/cooling for servers, security, etc.).

  • Minimize Risk—Purchase a generator with enough capacity to power key systems. Contract with a fuel supplier to make sure that you will be able to continue to operate until power is restored.