Businesses may become inaccessible in a disaster for a number of reasons.

The building itself may be damaged, or damage to the surrounding neighborhood or roads could prevent access. A release of hazardous materials or biohazards could contaminate your building. Power may be out, making it impossible for you to continue to operate from that location.

  • If you can’t get into your building, can you stay in business?

  • Make a plan to relocate your critical operations to another site. Look for sites that will support your critical systems (customer accessibility, phones, computers, internet access, adequate power and workspace, etc.). If you have employees with disabilities, think about what accessibility issues might exist with an alternate site, and what adaptive technology might be needed.

  • Consider allowing employees to work from home. If working from home is an option, plan ahead to make sure staff will have access to the software and systems that they will need to do their jobs.

  • Can your internal email system be accessed from an outside site? What about customer records and other vital information? If not, consider backing up vital records regularly to an outside location. If records are backed up to a server on your site, you may want to consider an alternate back up site anyway, just in case your building is damaged.