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Do1Thing's most important goal is to build prepared communities. We want to give community organizations and businesses the right tools and resources to help their neighbors prepare. The partner forum is a virtual community for all Do1Thing partners.

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First Aid

An emergency can happen at any time and any place. Many public places have a first aid kit, oxygen, or an AED (automated external defibrillator) to treat people. These items can only save lives if someone knows how to use them. Actions you take in the first few minutes after an injury or other medical incident may save someone’s life.

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Learning Abilities?
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Promising Community Preparedness Efforts Bolstered by Federal Partnership

Published: 2013-07-08
Updated: 2013-09-01
By: do1thing_emahoney
Promising Community Preparedness Efforts Bolstered by Federal Partnerships.

The Grand Haven Department of Public Safety uses Monthly NIXLE to promote Do1Thing's Monthly Goal

Published: 2012-06-29
By: do1thing_emahoney
The Grand Haven Department of Public Safety is a Do1Thing partner that uses a community notification service NIXLE to promote Do1Thing.