Ms. Wendy Galbreath joined the Michigan Department of State Police (MSP) in 1999, as a Secretary at the Emergency Management and Homeland Security Training Center within the Emergency Management and Homeland Security Division (EMHSD). After having spent nine years in EMHSD, she left for four years to pursue knowledge of other areas of the department. She returned in January 2012, and currently holds the position of State Preparedness Coordinator for Michigan and Support & Outreach Unit Manager. In this role, she is charged with coordinating preparedness efforts in the state, as well as oversees public outreach for the division. She is responsible for the oversight of the MSP Ready Responder Initiative, the STEP program, and the annual Prepare Fair and Great Lakes Homeland Security Training Conference and Expo.

Prior to this position, Wendy worked in the Director’s Office in Public Affairs, Project Office, the Administrative Services Bureau and the Training Division. Over the years, she performed a variety of tasks ranging from event planning to serving as the State Training Coordinator for all Department of Justice resident courses.

Ms. Galbreath currently resides in Charlotte with her husband and two dogs. She has two grown step-children and four grandchildren.