Mr. Trent Atkins, currently the emergency manager for Shiawassee County in Michigan and has over 27 years of public safety and emergency management experience. Mr. Atkins started his career with the Lansing Board of Water and Light in November of 2014 through 2017, after a 25 year career with the Lansing Fire Department retired as the Assistant Fire Chief. In his career Mr. Atkins held several positions at the Lansing Fire Department including Chief of Emergency Management and Assistant Fire Chief. Mr. Atkins has worked with Michigan State University since 1994 as a consultant on emergency management and response for several large corporations throughout North America including Ford Motor, as well as, for many local, state and federal agencies within the United States. As a speaker, trainer and professional Emergency Manager, Mr. Atkins believes strongly that through public private partnerships communities can become more resilient to all-hazard events.