This year Do 1 Thing has had some great opportunities and we continue to grow bigger and bigger. The partnerships we have formed have been incredible, and we thank all of you for your support. Our Partners are the heart of our program. We have complied a "Wish List" of items that we need to continue our work, and you can make that happen by choosing to help us continue to grow and make a donation to us via our website at online by PayPal or by sending a check (made out to to our office addressed as:

Do 1 Thing
815 Marshall Street
Lansing, MI 48912

This year we are asking for donations of any amount towards:

  • Purchase more File of Life Magnets, Promotional Items, Brochures
  • Purchase some Public Service Announcements' Air Time
  • Printing and design of our Annual Calendar
  • Design of a Large Print Calendar
  • Conference Exhibitor Fees
  • Sustain current costs of our website
  • Costs to design and develop Do 1 Thing Kids
  • Costs to continue to add new accessibility options
  • General Operating Expenses
  • Office Supplies
  • Mailing costs

With so many great causes it can be hard how to decide which organizations to donate to. For us at Do 1 Thing it is simple. We wish to sustain Do 1 Thing so that we are able to help people get prepared and keep families together. A disaster or emergency may happen, but when you donate to Do 1 Thing you become part of the something bigger. Helping people prepare for the unexpected. Join us to be part of making the world a SAFER before disaster strikes!

We believe that our information should be free for everyone and we want to make sure we can continue to operate at our current levels of capacity. If you would like to contribute any amount towards any of our needed program expenses we would be grateful. If you would like to discuss a donation, please contact Raynika J. Battle, Executive Director at