Power Tips and a Speical Offer!

“The Power of Preparedness”

As we are coming out of National Preparedness Month our hopes are that everyone took more initiative in preparing for emergencies and disasters. Last month Do 1 Thing was able to connect with the community in various ways. Here are some of the things we were involved with:

• We held a D1T presentation at a neighborhood watch association meeting

• Presented to business owners and emergency preparedness employees on Do 1 Thing Business

• Reached thousands of people through our annual Do 1 Thing calendar

• Hosted a booth at the Michigan State Police Prepare Fair

• Presented during the Emergency Readiness Leadership Virtual Summit for the Safe & Ready Institute (check out the details here for a discounted rate valid until 10/5/16)

October’s emergency preparedness topic is “Power”. Below are some of our featured tips but be sure to visit http://do1thing.com/topics/power for more information on power outage safety.

1. Have flashlights ready in an easily accessible place and check batteries in flashlights and radios.

2. Acquire and learn how to safely use a portable generator.

3. Create a power outage plan and decide what you can do before, during and after a power outage to minimize the effect on your household.

Thank you for supporting Do 1 Thing!


Raynika Battle, Executive Director