Our Executive Director's New Monthly Blog at CPR Headquarters which she will be publishing monthly!

Visit the blog below to read our Executive Director Erika Mahoney's new blog at CPR Headquarters. Erika was asked to become a expert writer for them and will be featured monthly. http://www.cprcertificationonlinehq.com/

September is National Preparedness Month, which is the perfect time to start thinking about if you are prepared. Would you be ready for an emergency or a disaster? Do you have extra food, water, and other plans in place? It can be overwhelming to think about what you need to put together in case of an emergency or a disaster! There are many reasons why people are not prepared; they don’t know where to start so they never start at all, they don’t think it will happen to them, and finally they think it is to expensive. Do 1 Thing was created to break down these barriers and show how you can be prepared. Our nationally award winning web based non-profit www.do1thing.com was developed as a fresh approach to citizen preparedness. Our mission is to move individuals, families, businesses and communities to prepare for all hazards and become disaster resilient. We break the intimidating task of preparedness into small, manageable steps that you can do every month. Just choose one of the three things to become better prepared. By following the program for a year, you can become much better prepared for most disasters or emergencies. Each month I will share with you a new topic to discuss and tell you how and what you can do. The best part in my opinion of Do 1 Thing is that it can be implemented by anyone anywhere to help his or her community becomes well prepared.

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